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The Legends of golf. Inspired many to pick up the game. These hero's are and inspiration as they are the are the playing pioneers in the golf industry. Our legacy now is to go beyond playing and to have great stakes in the game. Support and join the cause to make a difference in the lives of so many in our community.

From Left to Right: Charles Sifford, Walter Morgan, Bill Bishop, Pete Brown, Lee Elder, Charles Owens, Calvin Pete photo taken by Bill Hughes at the 48th Annual Bill Bishop Pro Am

As someone that picked up and developed in the game of golf later in life, it was my misunderstanding of the nature of the game and what it is really about that I missed out on for many years. The game is simple, put the ball in the hole in the fewest possible strokes. I learned how to do this quickly, and within two years became an Assistant Pro at a Golf Course. My Mentor Gary worked with me and I started out by instructing women and children. I realized I have a passion and gift for coaching and found a need in my community. Instead of trying to become a tour player, I decided to become a professional instructor. In August 2008, I passed the PGA player ability test (PAT) test on my first attempt (a rare feat I was told). My goal is to teach golf to and in communities that have a need globally and to help individuals and groups to understand that the golf industry can provide life, ownership, career as well as playing opportunities. With a renewed passion to work with individuals, organizations and companies to utilize golf as a vehicle with the Reaching the Green Program as an educational tool that embraces STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineeer, Arts & Math) we will develop men, women and children to "Achieve Dreams Through Golf"!

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together we will become a strong community. your input and information will be kept confidential and only solely by bill hughes golf to assist you through the game and industry of golf! I am excited about supporting your in your journey to improve, meet new people and enjoy all aspects of the game and with that I say once again...